Team Kainetik

At Kainetik, our programmes are developed based on one philosophy: We believe that math is a life-long skill, and not just an exam tool, and learning it well at the primary school level equips students with the strong ability to analyse, think critically and make good decisions in life.

It is the focus of our coaches to ensure our students exercise their ‘math’ thinking muscles effectively and develop their interest which will help them do well in primary school math, and serve them in the future.

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Kai Meng founded Kainetik Math with the vision of revolutionizing the mastery of mathematics in Singapore, so that he may help more students to become superior critical thinkers and problem solvers.
With the skills that earned him a master’s degree in pure math and the Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal from NUS, Kai Meng created the MAX Method for PSLE math, the universal method to solve word problems that won the hearts of many primary school students and their parents.
Together with his Socratic questioning style of coaching, Kai Meng helps his students to make full sense of math, improve their thinking, and master the art of explanation.

With 16 years of math tutoring experience, Junhong is definitely a veteran in math coaching. His humorous personality and ability to connect with students makes him very relatable with the students.

He makes learning math fun and engaging, and shows how the subject can be linked to real-life problem solving. One of his passionate pursuits in the coaching of math is to bridge the gap between primary math heuristics and secondary math using the art of explanation and critical thinking.

As an ex-MOE teacher, Eric brings with him NIE pedagogies and MOE classroom experiences (both Primary and Secondary). Being an administrator, owner and active contributor of multiple online parent support groups, Eric has been generous in dishing out advice, tips and solutions to fellow parents for the last 5 years. His expertise in addressing commonly-asked PSLE Math, English and even Science questions by providing a myriad of strategies and insights to higher-order thinking questions from top schools make him the ‘go-to’ guy for all things PSLE.

With a flair for the languages and Mathematics coupled with the ability to craft questions on the spot to assess mastery, Eric uses stories and analogies to help scaffold and make lengthy problem sums relatable to young children. Students feel energised and inspired to learn under his coaching. As such, thousands of parents and students have reached out to him for mentorship both online and in a face-to-face setting.

Through his guidance, the parents and students find his explanations to particularly tough questions clear and easy to understand.

Being a full-time tutor for more than a decade, Coach Grace specializes in teaching upper primary, ‘O’ and ‘N’ level Mathematics to students and parents. She has also authored 5 upper primary math and 2 secondary math books that are sold locally and internationally.

As a mother of three young children, Coach Grace understands that every student is unique. She explores each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and adopts the most suitable way to teach the student. She simplifies complex and abstract math concepts, and the steps involved, which helps her students to remember and apply them. Her students develop interest and confidence in the subject, resulting in significant improvement to their grades.

Coach Grace believes that the process of learning and doing math trains the mind to process information critically and solve real life problems in a systematic and efficient approach, making math not just a subject the students are forced to learn in school. Her passion for the subject motivates her to teach her students to see and appreciate the “beauty” of math in our daily lives.

Mrs Kee Hwee Sin is a very patient and approachable Math coach who enjoys making complicated concepts sound easy.
As a MOE scholar, she obtained her Bachelor of Science (Honours) with Diploma in Education in 1998 and was with MOE for more than 15 years. Although her teaching experience upon graduation is mainly in A levels Mathematics, her NIE training equipped her to teach both in the Primary and Secondary levels.
Being interested to help struggling learners, Mrs Kee completed various workshops and courses by DAS Academy, including Certificate in Dyscalculia and Numeracy Teaching.
Apart from regular classes, she conducted crash courses and workshops, locally and overseas.
Her students enjoy attending her lessons as she is able to build positive rapport with students so that they feel comfortable to clarify their doubts.

Over the last 13 years, Crystal has motivated and helped many students in their journey towards PSLE.

She also has experience coaching students with varied learning needs or challenges such as autism, dyslexia and ADHD. Her teaching pedagogy goes beyond a one-size-fits-all methodology because she believes that every child is unique and every student has a preferred method of problem solving.

She is also a firm believer of a Lao Tzu’s proverb: ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’ This saying has reinforced her teaching techniques, as well as the many unique frameworks put together over the years, all of which have culminated to a proven key winning formula in helping her students shape their own success stories.