Team Kainetik

At Kainetik, our programmes are developed based on one philosophy: We believe that math is a life-long skill, and not just an exam tool, and learning it well at the primary school level equips students with the strong ability to analyse, think critically and make good decisions in life.

It is the focus of our coaches to ensure our students exercise their ‘math’ thinking muscles effectively and develop their interest which will help them do well in primary school math, and serve them in the future.

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Kai Meng, the visionary founder of Kainetik Math, embarked on a mission to transform the landscape of mathematics education in Singapore. His goal? To nurture a generation of students who are not just adept at mathematics but are superior critical thinkers and problem solvers, capable of navigating the complexities of the world with ease.

Armed with a master’s degree in pure mathematics and the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal from the National University of Singapore (NUS), Kai Meng developed the groundbreaking MAX Method for PSLE math. This universal approach to tackling word problems has captured the admiration of countless primary school students and their parents, revolutionizing the way young learners engage with mathematics.

Kai Meng’s teaching philosophy extends beyond mere methods. His Socratic questioning style of coaching is designed to deepen students’ understanding of mathematical concepts, enhance their critical thinking abilities, and refine their skills in articulation and explanation. This approach not only demystifies math but also empowers students, helping them to see the beauty and logic in mathematics and apply it confidently in real-world situations.

At the heart of Kainetik Math lies Kai Meng’s unwavering commitment to excellence in mathematics education, driving forward his vision to help students achieve mastery in math and beyond.

Junhong embarked on his full-time tutoring journey in 2006, bringing a wealth of experience and a seasoned perspective to math coaching. Known for his humorous and approachable demeanor, he has a special talent for forging strong connections with his students, making him exceptionally relatable.

What sets Junhong apart is his innovative approach to teaching math, transforming it from a subject often perceived as daunting into an enjoyable and stimulating experience. He skillfully demonstrates the practical application of mathematical concepts in everyday life, emphasizing problem-solving skills that students can carry forward.

A passionate advocate for educational growth, Junhong is dedicated to smoothing the transition between primary and secondary math. He employs a blend of articulate explanations and critical thinking exercises, aiming to build a strong foundational understanding that bridges the gap between primary math heuristics and the more advanced concepts encountered in secondary education.

Junhong’s commitment to making math accessible and exciting, paired with his efforts to equip students with the tools they need for academic and real-world success, makes him an invaluable asset to our team and a favourite among students.

Eric, a former MOE teacher, brings a wealth of expertise to our team, enriched by his formal training in NIE pedagogies and extensive experience in MOE classrooms across both Primary and Secondary levels. His transition from the classroom to becoming a pivotal figure in the educational community has been marked by his leadership and active participation in numerous online parent support groups since 2015. Eric’s commitment to sharing his knowledge and offering solutions, tips, and advice has made him a revered figure among parents seeking guidance on navigating the PSLE terrain.

Renowned for his mastery in simplifying the complexities of PSLE Math, English, and Science, Eric is celebrated as the ‘go-to’ expert for his innovative strategies and deep insights into higher-order thinking questions posed by top schools. His unique approach combines a strong grasp of languages and Mathematics with an inventive knack for crafting impromptu questions that gauge students’ understanding effectively.

Eric’s method of using stories and analogies to break down and relate complex problem sums to real-life scenarios resonates well with young learners, making challenging concepts more accessible and engaging. His vibrant and inspiring coaching style not only energizes students but also instills a profound love for learning.

The impact of Eric’s mentorship extends beyond students to thousands of parents who have sought his expertise both online and in person. Under his guidance, families have found clarity in tackling difficult questions, appreciating his ability to make even the toughest problems appear simple and understandable. Eric’s influence as an educator and mentor continues to shape the learning journeys of many, making a significant difference in the way students and parents approach the PSLE.

Since embarking on her full-time tutoring career in 2010, Coach Grace has distinguished herself as an expert in upper primary, ‘O’ level, and ‘N’ level Mathematics, guiding both students and parents through the complexities of the subject. Her profound understanding of math education is further evidenced by her authorship of five upper primary math books and two secondary math publications, which have garnered acclaim both locally and internationally.

As a mother of three, Coach Grace brings a personal touch to her teaching methodology, recognizing the individuality of each student. She meticulously identifies their strengths and weaknesses, tailoring her approach to suit each learner’s needs. By breaking down intricate and abstract mathematical concepts into simpler, understandable steps, she ensures that her students not only grasp but also retain and apply these concepts effectively. This personalized approach has consistently led to a burgeoning interest in math among her students, alongside a notable boost in their confidence and academic performance.

Coach Grace is a firm believer in the power of mathematics to refine critical thinking and problem-solving skills, viewing it as a discipline that extends far beyond the classroom. Her teaching philosophy revolves around the idea that learning and practicing math equips individuals with the ability to tackle real-life challenges in a systematic and logical manner. Her enthusiasm for math is contagious, inspiring her students to discover the inherent “beauty” of mathematics in everyday life. Coach Grace’s commitment to making math accessible and enjoyable has made her an invaluable asset to learners seeking to demystify the subject and appreciate its relevance and applications in the world around them.

Mrs. Kee Hwee Sin stands out as a Math coach not only for her exceptional patience and approachability but also for her knack for simplifying complex mathematical concepts, making them accessible to all her students.

With a distinguished background as an MOE scholar, Mrs. Kee earned her Bachelor of Science (Honours) with Diploma in Education in 1998. Her professional journey spans over 15 years with the Ministry of Education, where she specialized in A-level Mathematics. However, her comprehensive training at the National Institute of Education (NIE) has also equipped her with the versatility to adeptly teach Mathematics at both Primary and Secondary levels.

Driven by a genuine desire to support students facing learning challenges, Mrs. Kee has furthered her expertise by completing a range of workshops and courses with the DAS Academy, including a Certificate in Dyscalculia and Numeracy Teaching. This dedication extends beyond conventional classroom settings, as she has facilitated crash courses and workshops both in Singapore and internationally, offering targeted support to those in need.

Students are drawn to Mrs. Kee’s classes for more than just her instructional prowess; her ability to foster a warm and positive learning environment encourages them to actively engage and seek clarification on doubts without hesitation. Her lessons are not only educational but also nurturing spaces where students can build confidence in their mathematical abilities, thanks to Mrs. Kee’s compassionate teaching approach and deep commitment to their success.

Since 2007, Crystal has been a beacon of inspiration and support for countless students on their path to the PSLE, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to each learner’s individual journey. Her extensive experience extends to coaching students with diverse learning needs, including autism, dyslexia, and ADHD, highlighting her adaptable and inclusive approach to education.

Crystal’s teaching philosophy transcends traditional, one-dimensional methods, anchored in the belief that each child’s uniqueness demands a personalized approach to problem-solving. Her dedication to understanding and catering to each student’s preferred learning style has set her apart as an educator who genuinely values the distinct pathways to knowledge.

Inspired by the timeless wisdom of Lao Tzu—”Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”—Crystal has crafted her teaching methodologies around empowering her students. This principle has guided the development of her innovative frameworks and strategies, which have been fine-tuned over years of dedicated practice. The result is a robust, winning formula that has enabled her students to carve out their own paths to success.

Under Crystal’s guidance, students are not merely taught; they are equipped with the skills and confidence to navigate their educational journeys independently. This empowerment has been the cornerstone of Crystal’s teaching ethos, making her a pivotal figure in the lives of those she teaches and a valued member of our team.