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Kainetik Learning Centre (or KLC) aspires to be the Best PSLE Math Tuition Centre to revolutionise the Learning of Math in Singapore!

With Small-Group Classroom Lessons blended with our popular Online Course and much-needed 24/7 Online Support, we do not believe that learning is just to acquire knowledge!

We believe that Learning is to Improve Thinking!

MAX Method from KLC - the Best Math PSLE Tuition Centre

Why KLC?

After mastering our simple, proprietary method – MAX (among others), Kainetik students will generally:

1. Be amongst the most confident and best PSLE Math students in class in attempting their Math papers,

2. Be up to twice as effective in their interpretation and analysis of problems,

3. Be up to 50% faster in their attempt in answering most questions,

4. Have around 20% more time to check their answers thus minimising careless mistakes.

Why do parents and students tell us that this proprietary MAX Method is so “wondrous”, “unique”, “powerful” and maybe even “the best PSLE Math method”? Well, it is simply because of the following…

Developed In-House

Nowhere else in Singapore, or anywhere in the world, will you and your child be able to find other schools or centres teaching this Method!

Universal Application

This Method is universal in its application towards solving word problems… any word problem!

Foundational Concepts Focused

Focused on the foundational concepts, this Method makes it easy for students to master and use, instead of memorizing numerous case-specific shortcuts or heuristics!


This Method is faster than drawing models!


Even though this Method isn’t taught in school, it is still accepted in PSLE!


This Method is so simply understood by students that it is even for parents!

Natural Progression

Because it uses algebra, this Method is the Foundation for secondary school Math!

If you haven’t about heard it yet… we call this method the MAX Method.

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