Math Made Meaningful

We help your child discover the true meaning of mathematics
and the joy of mastering it through effective blended learning.

The K2M framework

With our proprietary Kainetik 2M Framework for PSLE math framework, otherwise known as K2M, your child will be able to understand the math questions easily, gain clarity in the various methods and answer math problems quickly and confidently.​

The clarity and confidence will in turn support them in conquering PSLE math problems and scoring for exams. Our K2M framework is also designed for parents to easily learn the method or approach to coach and support their children for the additional motivation to excel in PSLE math.

After mastering our proprietary method, you child will:

In addition, the K2M Framework will not only help your child master math, but also equip them with critical thinking skills to succeed in life.



The basics of Kainetik MAX Method.
Your first step to unleash your
problem-solving potential.


Self-paced programme for
hands-on parents, and
self-directed learners.


Weekly in-class, or online lessons with Kainetik-certified coaches.
Full access to the digital program.


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