Kee Hwee Sin

Mrs. Kee Hwee Sin stands out as a Math coach not only for her exceptional patience and approachability but also for her knack for simplifying complex mathematical concepts, making them accessible to all her students.

With a distinguished background as an MOE scholar, Mrs. Kee earned her Bachelor of Science (Honours) with Diploma in Education in 1998. Her professional journey spans over 15 years with the Ministry of Education, where she specialized in A-level Mathematics. However, her comprehensive training at the National Institute of Education (NIE) has also equipped her with the versatility to adeptly teach Mathematics at both Primary and Secondary levels.

Driven by a genuine desire to support students facing learning challenges, Mrs. Kee has furthered her expertise by completing a range of workshops and courses with the DAS Academy, including a Certificate in Dyscalculia and Numeracy Teaching. This dedication extends beyond conventional classroom settings, as she has facilitated crash courses and workshops both in Singapore and internationally, offering targeted support to those in need.

Students are drawn to Mrs. Kee’s classes for more than just her instructional prowess; her ability to foster a warm and positive learning environment encourages them to actively engage and seek clarification on doubts without hesitation. Her lessons are not only educational but also nurturing spaces where students can build confidence in their mathematical abilities, thanks to Mrs. Kee’s compassionate teaching approach and deep commitment to their success.