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Kainetik Learning Centre

Who Are We?

Hi, we are Kai Meng and Junhong, the Principal and Lead Coaches at the renowned Kainetik Learning Centre (or KLC for short). Being the Co-Founders of this centre, our big vision is to revolutionise learning in Singapore.

Like many of you, we sometimes find the education system to be too rigid… there is not enough emphasis is placed in learning in schools… and some teachers are just not doing enough.

But we don’t blame the education system, the schools or the teachers… simply because they have to cater for the masses in gaining the know-how to solving Math questions.

We at KLC, however, do not cater to teaching en masse… we focus on those who are open, motivated and want to learn!

We also do not believe that learning is just to acquire knowledge… we believe that learning is to improve thinking!

Our Pedagogy

And so, we came up with pedagogy of socratic questioning to encourage critical thinking. In simple terms, we promote independent thinking in our students and give them ownership of what they are learning.

Over the past 5 years of tweaking and improving our methods, and through experience, we discover that our students are more confident in their Math papers, because they are:

1. more effective in their interpretation and analysis of problems,
2. faster in their attempt in answering most questions,
3. and consequently, have more time to check their answers thus minimising careless mistakes.

And you know what? The most priced approach in our curriculum, that has consistently helped students improve in their confidence, their time management, and their grade… regardless if the student has been struggling to pass his Math paper, or if she has been consistently scoring As but need a boost to perform even better…
…is the MAX Method.

MAX Method

What is the MAX Method?

Yes, what is it and how can parents and students keep saying it is so “wondrous”, “unique” and “powerful” in solving word problems?

Well firstly, the MAX Method is a universal approach for solving Primary 5 and 6 Math word problems on whole numbers, fractions, ratios, percentages, decimals, average, rate, speed, measurements and algebra.

It is based on the 4 operations, numerical comparisons and simple algebra, so your child will not be confused by the long list of different methods and heuristics that are each only applicable to a specific type of problems.

Is the MAX Method Popular?

Now your next question would be… if the MAX Method is so powerful, why haven’t you heard about it yet?

The honest answer to this is because we have been slow! We were slow at proliferating this method, and the other approaches that we teach, to more students. You see, we have only been running home tuitions for single students, or in very small groups in the recent years.

And naturally, without a centre in the past, we could not reach more parents and their Primary 5 and 6 children…

Coping with the Demand

But do not be mistaken of the demand from our parents, because our waiting list is over 1.5 years long! And we have been rejecting more and more students as more parents know about us and our method through our very popular Facebook Page and Group.

Since those channels started, thousands of parents have joined those who could not get their children a place with us, to find out more about the MAX Method there. In addition, dozens have enrolled their children into our Online Course where they get to learn through live online lessons with us.

Even then, many parents have still been requesting for face-to-face tuition with us.

Hence, we took the one natural step forward like most home tutors who have gotten so much demand… We founded and open our own tuition centre – Kainetik Learning Centre.


Mr Teo Kai Meng
Principal Coach and Co-Founder

Kai Meng loves Mathematics since he was 9 years old, more than 75% of his life by now. His understanding of Mathematics led him to promote it as “the art of explanation”, instead of just numbers, equations and problem solving. He believes that everyone is able to do Mathematics well when given the chance to learn it with thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts and effective techniques.
As a full-time Math Coach, Kai Meng aims to revolutionize the learning of Mathematics in Singapore. After much reading and reflection on his past experiences in Mathematics, he concluded that the way to learn Mathematics effectively is one that is personalized to meet the characteristics of the student, after getting him/her to be ready to learn with the right intrinsic motivations and a growth mindset!


Mr Tan Jun Hong
Lead Coach and Co-Founder

Junhong loves Mathematics since he started learning how to count. He believes that Mathematics is the most important subject that trains us to analyse anything and sets the path for learning everything else in our life. He also thinks that education is the only way out of poverty and he aspires to help as many people in need as possible. Junhong has more than 10 years of experience teaching students in 1-to-1 settings, small groups and also larger groups. Personally, he thinks that coaching students in small groups of 6 to 8 has its unique advantages.