Grace Yet

Since embarking on her full-time tutoring career in 2010, Coach Grace has distinguished herself as an expert in upper primary, ‘O’ level, and ‘N’ level Mathematics, guiding both students and parents through the complexities of the subject. Her profound understanding of math education is further evidenced by her authorship of five upper primary math books and two secondary math publications, which have garnered acclaim both locally and internationally.

As a mother of three, Coach Grace brings a personal touch to her teaching methodology, recognizing the individuality of each student. She meticulously identifies their strengths and weaknesses, tailoring her approach to suit each learner’s needs. By breaking down intricate and abstract mathematical concepts into simpler, understandable steps, she ensures that her students not only grasp but also retain and apply these concepts effectively. This personalized approach has consistently led to a burgeoning interest in math among her students, alongside a notable boost in their confidence and academic performance.

Coach Grace is a firm believer in the power of mathematics to refine critical thinking and problem-solving skills, viewing it as a discipline that extends far beyond the classroom. Her teaching philosophy revolves around the idea that learning and practicing math equips individuals with the ability to tackle real-life challenges in a systematic and logical manner. Her enthusiasm for math is contagious, inspiring her students to discover the inherent “beauty” of mathematics in everyday life. Coach Grace’s commitment to making math accessible and enjoyable has made her an invaluable asset to learners seeking to demystify the subject and appreciate its relevance and applications in the world around them.