Eric Liau

Eric, a former MOE teacher, brings a wealth of expertise to our team, enriched by his formal training in NIE pedagogies and extensive experience in MOE classrooms across both Primary and Secondary levels. His transition from the classroom to becoming a pivotal figure in the educational community has been marked by his leadership and active participation in numerous online parent support groups since 2015. Eric’s commitment to sharing his knowledge and offering solutions, tips, and advice has made him a revered figure among parents seeking guidance on navigating the PSLE terrain.

Renowned for his mastery in simplifying the complexities of PSLE Math, English, and Science, Eric is celebrated as the ‘go-to’ expert for his innovative strategies and deep insights into higher-order thinking questions posed by top schools. His unique approach combines a strong grasp of languages and Mathematics with an inventive knack for crafting impromptu questions that gauge students’ understanding effectively.

Eric’s method of using stories and analogies to break down and relate complex problem sums to real-life scenarios resonates well with young learners, making challenging concepts more accessible and engaging. His vibrant and inspiring coaching style not only energizes students but also instills a profound love for learning.

The impact of Eric’s mentorship extends beyond students to thousands of parents who have sought his expertise both online and in person. Under his guidance, families have found clarity in tackling difficult questions, appreciating his ability to make even the toughest problems appear simple and understandable. Eric’s influence as an educator and mentor continues to shape the learning journeys of many, making a significant difference in the way students and parents approach the PSLE.