How To Post 5-Star Recommendations
On Kainetik Facebook Page and Google Page

Thank you very much for choosing our math online course for your child!

It’s our greatest joy to be a part of your child’s learning journey and to witness their progress and success!

We’ve received heartwarming feedback from many parents, sharing stories of how their children have benefited and grown more confident in their math skills. These stories are the wind beneath our wings and motivate us to continue refining and improving our services.

If your child enjoyed and benefited from our course, we’d be incredibly grateful if you could spare a few moments to leave us a 5-star recommendation.

Your recommendation doesn’t just help us, as it assists other parents in making an informed decision for their children’s education too!

Thank you once again for your trust and for allowing us to be a part of your child’s academic journey. We appreciate your continued support and would be honored to receive your recommendation.

The respective links and guides to post on Facebook and Google are at the end of this page. Please post on just one of the 2 pages.

We would appreciate it greatly if you include in your recommendation

  • the level of study of your child
  • the programme that your child was enrolled in
  • at least 50 words

If you like some suggestions on how to write the recommendation, you may imagine yourself sharing with a good friend on why he/she should consider enrolling his/her child in the same programme, by elaborating on some of the following aspects (need not be all) that are relevant for you:

  • How much your child has improved
    • How much better could your child manage the exams?
    • Did your child become more motivated to learn?
    • Had your child gained more self-confidence?
  • Interactions with coaches
    • Are there any particular coaches you wish to mention?
    • How did the coach(es) help your child?
    • Were you impressed by their dedication or skills?
  • Learning contents
    • How did the contents help your child to improve?
    • Were you impressed by the quality of the contents?
    • Was it convenient to access the contents?
  • 24/7 Q&A support
    • Did it help your child to learn more effectively and efficiently?
    • Did you like the support by a team of coaches?
    • Did your child benefit from the posts by other students?
  • Others
    • Why did you think it was value for money?
    • Why did you like your involvement as a parent?
    • Why did you choose Kainetik?

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Please use the following guides to ensure that your recommendation will be posted successfully.

Note: If you have submitted a recommendation in the past, we greatly appreciate it if you can use another account to submit a new recommendation, as each account can only submit once.