Give your child an advantage at the upcoming Upper Secondary Subject Option Exercise.

Score well in the Sec 2 History End-of-Year Exams without wasting time on futile practices.

Designed by Ms Karen Ang, an ex-MOE teacher with 18 years of teaching experience, you can expect your teen to go from feeling lost and confused to being able to …

  • Look at any source thrown at him/her and interpret it accurately
  • Craft high-scoring answers to any source-based questions within minutes
  • Write less than other students and score the highest marks in the LORMs
  • Effectively retain and recall the content needed for essay questions
  • Calmly and confidently complete the entire History exam without leaving any questions half-done or blank

Course duration: From sign up to 22 Oct 2023

By LearnMOJO x Kainetik Learning Centre

If your Secondary 2 teen is struggling to score well in History and you’re worried about it affecting his chances of getting his desired subject combination at the upcoming Upper Sec Subject Option Exercise, you’ve come to the right place.

Many parents have come to us saying that they cannot help their teens with History, because the syllabus has changed so much.

As compared to the old days when pure regurgitation of facts was enough to score an A1 or A2, this is what happens now…

Your child:

  • Puts in hours to read the textbook and maybe memorises some (or all) of the content
  • Tries to pay attention in school History lessons
  • Does a few Source-based and Essay practices here and there
  • And yet struggles to get anything higher than C5 or C6 when it comes to the exams

Is it any wonder why students feel so lost, confused and disengaged about mastering History?


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Why Many Students Struggle to Do Well in History Exams,
Even If They Like History and Memorise Well

Just memorising is no longer enough.

The History exam now demands students to hone their critical thinking skills: they need to understand, recall, infer, interpret, compare, analyse, explain, and critically evaluate sources of information while learning about historical Issues.

It’s quite a lot to ask of a 13 or 14 year old teen.

And while students may understand what they read, they struggle to apply learnings to different exam question types.

It’s like being given a whole box of beautiful and exotic imported food ingredients without any idea how to prep and combine them into a delicious meal.

It all boils down to exam techniques – when to use what information, why use that information in that way, and how to net the highest marks in minimal time.

And exam techniques can only be mastered by FOCUSED and TARGETED timed practices, coupled with SPECIFIC and MEANINGFUL feedback.

The above process needs to go back and forth on a regular enough basis until the learnings stick.

You see, while History teachers in schools try their best to cover the needed content and skills, the truth is that they get very limited time with each class, and History teachers teach anywhere from 7 to 10 classes (200 to 400 students) at any one point of time.

There is simply not enough time to give sufficient practice assignments and mark them all quickly, unlike Math.

We want to help.

This course aims to help your child improve by at least 2 grades using the best tools, guides, guidance through weekly live online lessons & 24/7 Q&A support by Ms Karen Ang, Principal & Founder of learnMOJO, an online education provider that has provided full online coaching to Humanities students since 2014.

About Your Coach

Teacher Karen has seen thousands of teens (and counting) through the school and national exams.

Every year, between 70% to 90+% of her O level students score A1 and A2 grades despite coming to her with fail or borderline pass grades, outperforming the national distinction average of 28% to 34%.

We believe that your teen can also experience such a transformation.

The thing is, due to her full schedule, Ms Karen Ang is no longer able to take in individual or small group students.

The only way to get access to her right now would be through the Sec 2 History 2023 End-of-Year Revision.

Conducted entirely online, this course distills all the important insights and wisdom from Teacher Karen’s 18-year teaching career guiding thousands of teens, aimed at helping your child to:

  • Sidestep easily avoidable and costly mistakes that the vast majority of students make
  • Nail those tricky Source-based and Structured questions in a step-by-step manner
  • Unlock the secrets to scoring top marks without having to write long-winded answers

All from the comfort and safety of home, without having to travel to a tuition centre.

Choose Between 2 Options

Option A (1 × $240)

  • 30 Printable Source-based Question and Structured Question Practices based on the current MOE syllabus – specifically designed to help your teen master the different source-based and essay exam questions in a sequential and logical manner
  • Levels of Response Mark Schemes (LORMs) with suggested answer examples – no guesswork as to what exam markers are looking for
  • Companion Guides on how to use LORMs – so your child can progress towards being able to self-mark and self-diagnose problem areas…while the vast majority of Sec 2 and even Upper Secondary students are still unable to do this!
  • Chapter summaries – quick memorisation aids which break down huge chapters into digestible chunks
  • Chapter quizzes – to help your teen recall relevant supporting facts and score high marks during their tests and exams
  • Lesson recordings of all 27 weekly lessons of the earlier full-year course, where Teacher Karen goes through common mistakes and how to score highest marks for each Practice in Question Bank in the shortest time possible
  • Daily Q&A support through a private online discussion board 
  • Access to all course materials until 22 October 2023.

Option B (1 × $280)

  • Everything in Option A, plus …
  • 5 Interactive Live Online Lessons
    Every Friday, 7.30 PM to 8.30 PM
    From 1 to 29 Sep 2023

Bonus Learning Resources

Bonus 1: Inference & Comparison Source-based Practice on the Japanese Occupation & Answer Scheme

Bonus 2: Structured Question Practice on the Japanese Occupation & Answer Scheme

Bonus 3: ALL of learnMOJO’s Lower Secondary Source-based and Essay Guides

  • Inference Source-based Question (SBQ) Guide
  • Compare & Contrast SBQ Guide
  • Reliability SBQ Guide
  • Usefulness SBQ Guide
  • How to Tackle History Essay Questions
  • How to Tackle the Actual History Exam

Bonus 4:

  • Interactive online lesson : “How On Earth Do I Study for History?
  • The lesson has been completed and the recording is ready for your review right after signing up.
  • Please see a selected segment of the recording below.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Yes, they are. However, do note that question types and mark schemes are in the Express/G3 formats.

It’s best to consult the History syllabus in your child’s school. While the History exam skills covered in the course are commonly needed by IP/IB students, topics covered in your child’s school may be different.

Generally, if your child’s school adopts the mainstream History textbook (Singapore – A Journey Through Time 1299 – 1970s), our courses would likely be a good fit.

If the school relies on customised notes/readings, then it’s likely that our courses would be of limited help.


  • Chapter 6: What Did the People In Singapore Experience During the Japanese Occupation?
  • Chapter 7: How Did the People in Singapore Respond to British Rule After World War II?
  • Chapter 8: How Did Singapore Become an Independent Nation?
  • Chapter 9: How Did Singapore Safeguard Its Independence After 1965?
  • Chapter 10: To what Extent Did People’s Lives Change After Independence?


  • Source-based Questions:
    • Inference
    • Compare & Contrast
    • Reliability
  • Structured Questions:
    • Describe
    • Explain

Your child will be able to access the online course until 22 October 2023 in order to prep well for the End-of-Year Exams.

However, do note that Q&A support is available until 30 September 2023.

Questions about course assignments and content will be answered by the next day.

Questions about any other assignments will be answered on a best-effort basis.

  • He/she will need to log in to the online course area by every Thursday
  • Check what that week’s assignment is
  • Watch any related notes/guides/explanatory videos attached to the assignment, which will help him/her complete the assignment
  • Attempt the assignment within the time limit stipulated
  • Check the Level of Response Marking Scheme (LORMs) with suggested answer examples only AFTER attempting the assignment
  • Ask away if he/she has any questions within the Q&A discussion board, and the coach will reply by the next day
  • If your child would like his answer to be reviewed during the weekly live online lesson, he can submit a request for review to the discussion board. The coach will select 2-3 answers at random to be reviewed during the lesson.
  • Attend the Weekly Interactive Live Online Lesson every Friday, 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm (link in email), or catch up by watching the lesson recording.

They can submit their requests on the Discussion Board titled “Requests for Review (Live Lessons)”. Requests will need to be submitted by the Thursday before each Live in order to be considered for review. 2 to 3 answers will be chosen at random to be reviewed.

We are sorry that there will be no refund option for this heavily discounted course.

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