Secondary 1 to 3 Math Mastery

For NA/G2, Express/G3, or IP/IB.

Nurture your child’s growth and development with our comprehensive math enrichment programme that is designed to help them excel in their studies even if they have heavy workloads and busy schedules.

With our programme, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your child is receiving an education that is fully aligned with MOE’s syllabus and framework for 21st century competencies and student outcomes. This means that not only will your child achieve academic success, but they will also develop the skills they need to become an independent learner.

Each programme consists of 2 parts : Online Course and Online Lessons.

Part 1 of 2 : Online Course

Topical Concept Videos

  • Pre-recorded videos that teach your child to understand the topical concepts for each level as listed in the standard textbooks
  • Video solutions of all the different types of questions that are typically tested in schools and national examinations

Deliberate Practice

  • Topical worksheets, review worksheets, mock exam papers
  • To be dropped into your mailbox within 10 days of sign up
    (No printed worksheets for Sec 3 A Math, but PDF downloads only)
  • Step-by-step solutions to be viewed at online course site

24/7 Priority Q&A Support

  • Seek help on problems within the syllabus from any source
  • Integrated within the online course site
  • Supported by dedicated expert coaches of Team Kainetik

Access to all learning resources

  • From sign up until 22 Oct 2023

Bonus Learning Contents

  • Sec 1 Math Mastery :
    More than 26 hours of recorded videos from 2022
  • Sec 2 Math Mastery :
    Sec 1 concept videos and review worksheets with step-by-step solutions
  • Sec 3 E & A Math Mastery :
    Sec 1 & 2 concept videos and review worksheets with step-by-step solutions

Part 2 of 2 : Online Lessons

Weekly Interactive Online Lessons

  • Step-by-step guide on how to analyse and solve selected problems from the worksheet scheduled for each lesson
  • Each lesson is 1 h 15 min long
  • Attend lessons using any web browser on a large-screen device
  • Interact via text messages and the coach will respond orally
  • Messages are only visible to the coach but not to other students
  • No need to turn on camera or microphone
  • Lessons will be recorded for multiple reviews until 22 Oct 2023
  • Attendance is optional

Weekly Schedule

(Please scroll down to read the frequently-asked questions.)


Why So Many Parents and Students Love Our Programmes

Disadvantages of typical in-person math tuition classes

  • Repeat the same process that has not worked for your child
  • Waste time, money, and effort in travelling
  • Risk of exposure to infectious diseases such as COVID-19
  • You have very limited information about the lessons
  • Limited contents due to limited lessons time
  • No control over fixed and rigid schedule
  • Lesson is wasted when your child is not ready for it
  • No recording of lessons
  • You cannot seek help on questions from external sources
  • Limited support by 1 coach
  • Learning can be affected by other students in the class
  • High cost of thousands of dollars per year

Benefits of Secondary Math Mastery programmes

  • Effective learning backed by hundreds of 5-star reviews
  • Online learning eliminates travelling time, costs, and hassle
  • Zero risk of exposure to infectious diseases such as COVID-19
  • You have 100% awareness of the learning process & contents
  • Contents cover every part of the syllabus and exam papers
  • Full control of learning schedule to cater to your child’s needs
  • Your child can learn at her preferred best time daily
  • Repeated views of recordings and video solutions
  • You can seek help on questions from external sources
  • 24/7 Q&A is supported by a team of dedicated coaches
  • Learning will not be affected by other students
  • Less than $1000 for the entire programme

Get Your Access Now

With our programme, you’ll save both time and money, while giving your child the best possible chance to succeed. Invest in your child’s future today with our comprehensive math enrichment programme.

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Frequently-Asked Questions

Our programmes are suitable for students in N(A)/G2, but not for students in N(T)/G1.

For IP/IB students in Sec 1 or Sec 2 :

In the Sec 1 and Sec 2 Math Mastery, concept videos of the topics from higher levels that are commonly needed by IP/IB students will be included, so they are suitable for IP/IB students to sign up.

For IP/IB students in Sec 3 :

Please refer to the list of topics in the FAQ below to decide if the Sec 3 E & A Math Mastery include most of the required topics or not.

In either case, your child may still seek help on any IP/IB math problems from school homework under the 24/7 Priority Q&A Support.

Sec 1 Math

  • Factors and Multiples
  • Real Numbers
  • Approximation and Estimation
  • Basic Algebra
  • Linear Equations
  • Linear Graphs
  • Number Patterns
  • Percentages
  • Ratio, Rate and Speed
  • Basic Geometry
  • Polygons
  • Plane Figures
  • Volume and Surface Area of Solids
  • Statistical Data Handling

Sec 2 Math

  • Simultaneous Linear Equations
  • Linear Inequalities
  • Quadratic Expansion and Factorisation
  • Algebraic Identities
  • Quadratic Equations and Graphs
  • Algebraic Fractions and Formulae
  • Direct and Inverse Proportions
  • Congruence and Similarity
  • Pythagoras’ Theorem
  • Trigonometric Ratios
  • Pyramids, Cones and Spheres
  • Probability of Single events
  • Averages of Statistical Data
  • Statistical Diagrams

Sec 3 E Math

  • Quadratic and Fractional Equations
  • Simultaneous Linear Inequalities
  • Indices and Standard Form
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Graphs of Power and Exponential Functions
  • Congruence and Similarity Tests
  • Bisectors and Scale Drawing
  • Similar Figures and Solids
  • Trigonometry in Acute and Obtuse Triangles
  • Applications of Trigonometry
  • Sectors and Segments of Circles
  • Geometrical Properties of Circle

Sec 3 A Math

  • Quadratic Functions and Graphs
  • Quadratic Equations and Inequalities
  • Surds
  • Polynomial and Cubic Equations
  • Partial Fractions
  • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  • Linear Law
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Equations of Circles
  • Binomial Theorem
  • Trigonometric Functions and Graphs
  • Trigonometric Equations and Identities

Total number of topical worksheets, review worksheets, and mock exam papers :

  • Sec 1 Math Mastery : 41
  • Sec 2 Math Mastery : 41
  • Sec 3 E Math Mastery : 40
  • Sec 3 A Math Mastery : 35

We are sorry that no worksheet PDF will be sent or made available for download before the printed ones are delivered.

We seek your patience and understanding for the delivery to be made within 10 days of your sign up.

Marking service is not included in any of the programmes, so there is no need to submit any completed worksheets.

Your child is to check their completed worksheets using the step-by-step solutions provided in the online course.

This self-marking process is actually beneficial to your child in many ways, such as

  • Greater self-awareness: Self-marking helps your child to become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses, which can help them to improve their performance.
  • Increased motivation: Self-marking can be motivating for your child as it allows them to see the progress they are making and feel a sense of accomplishment.
  • Greater attention to detail: Self-marking encourages your child to pay closer attention to the details of the problems they are solving, which can help them to improve their accuracy and precision.
  • Increased autonomy: By marking their own homework, your child is able to take more ownership of their learning and become more independent in their studies.

In fact, some parents had switched over from other online courses with automated marking because they realised that their children could learn so much better with the self-marking process.

The 24/7 Priority Q&A Support is built right inside the online course site. It is mobile-friendly, so you can simply use your mobile device to snap a photo of the question (and your attempt) that you want to seek help for, and post it.

The screenshot below shows a post under the 24/7 Priority Q&A Support of the Sec 1 Math Mastery.

Yes, your child may seek help on math problems within the syllabus from any source, including homework from school, or even other tuition.

Our goal is to help your child to master math, so it does not matter where the problems come from.

On average, we will be able to respond in less than 6 hours, but often within 2 hours.

Questions about the contents provided by us will be given priority.

The worksheets under the bonus learning contents are only available in downloadable PDF.

Sec 1 Math Mastery

  • Saturdays 10 to 11.15 AM (1 h 15 min)
  • Total lessons : 41
  • 29 Oct to 03 Dec 2022
  • 07 Jan to 23 Sep 2023
  • Lesson for 22 Apr is postponed to 24 Apr (same time)
  • No lesson on 03 & 10 Jun 2023

Sec 2 Math Mastery

  • Wednesdays 8 to 9.15 PM (1 h 15 min)
  • Total lessons : 41
  • 02 Nov to 07 Dec 2022
  • 11 Jan to 20 Sep 2023
  • No lessons on 31 May & 07 Jun 2023

Sec 3 E Math Mastery

  • Saturdays 10 to 11.15 AM (1 h 15 min)
  • Total lessons : 40
  • 05 Nov to 03 Dec 2022
  • 07 Jan to 23 Sep 2023
  • Lesson for 22 Apr is postponed to 24 Apr (same time)
  • No lesson on 03 & 10 Jun 2023

Sec 3 A Math Mastery

  • Saturdays 3 to 4.15 PM (1 h 15 min)
  • Total lessons : 35
  • 07 Jan to 23 Sep 2023
  • Lesson for 22 Apr is postponed to 24 Apr (same time)
  • No lesson on 03 & 10 Jun 2023

There is only 1 schedule for each programme.

If your child is not available during the lesson time, they may watch the recordings at their own time.

While watching or after watching the recordings, your child may make use of the 24/7 Priority Q&A support to clarify any doubts.

Actually, unknown to most parents, students usually only ask for repetition of explanation during lessons (both online and in-person), which can be easily done by replaying any part of the recording.

For math lessons, it is not uncommon that students are not able to understand all explanations completely by listening to them only once.

Yes, it is not a problem at all, as your child may simply watch the recording at their own time.

There is no attendance-taking for the lessons.

The lessons are not conducted using Zoom.

Your child is to attend the lessons using any web browser, preferably on a large-screen device.

All the lessons and recordings can be accessed on the lessons homepage, or via the individual links sent in the reminder emails.

Your child can use the private Q&A text box to respond to the coach’s guiding questions or ask the coach any questions.

Your child’s text messages can only be seen by the coach but not by other students.

There is no need for your child to turn on any camera or microphone.

The number of students does not affect your child’s learning experience since students are not able to see one another, or other messages, so your child will not be distracted by other students in the lessons.

Yes, if you sign up for the full programme, your child will have access to all the earlier recordings of the year too.

There will be no refund for all payments that have been charged to your credit card.

However, if you choose the installment plan, you may ask to terminate the plan within 25 days of your sign up, so that you will not be charged for the remaining fees.

A trial of a single interactive lesson is not sufficient to determine the suitability of the programme if your child is not feeling certain about it. The entire learning process consists of the concept videos, deliberate practice, checking of work done against the solutions provided, interactive lessons, and Q&A.

While there is no trial, if you choose the installment plan, you may ask to terminate the plan within 25 days of your sign up, so that you will not be charged for the remaining fees, in case your child finds the programme unsuitable after a few weeks.