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* 24/7 Learning Anytime, Anywhere *
* Videos on Concepts & Examples *
* Mock Exams in PDF *
* Crystal Clear Step-by-step Solutions *
* Top-notch Personalised Q&A Support *
* Bonus Learning Resources *

* Interactive Live Online Lessons *
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For Express/G3

Nurture your child’s growth and development with our comprehensive math enrichment programme that is designed to help them excel in their studies even if they have heavy workloads and busy schedules.

With our programme, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your child is receiving an education that is fully aligned with MOE’s syllabus and framework for 21st century competencies and student outcomes. This means that not only will your child achieve academic success, but they will also develop the skills they need to become an independent learner.

On-Demand Online Learning

* 24/7 Learning Anytime, Anywhere *

  • Learn at the most productive and effective times of each day.
  • Access learning resources conveniently via a browser on any device.

* Videos on Concepts & Examples *

  • Master & review all math concepts with pre-recorded video explanations.
  • Master essential problem-solving skills with topical worked examples videos.

* Mock Exams in PDF *

  • 5 sets of Paper 1 & Paper 2 for each of E Math & A Math.
  • Increase exam readiness with adequate timed practice conveniently.

* Crystal Clear Step-by-step Solutions *

  • Gain deeper learning by marking using clearly explained solutions.
  • Improve thinking and solving skills with easy-to-master methods.

* Top-notch Personalised Q&A Support *

  • Clarify your doubts from any source to achieve complete mastery.
  • Achieve accelerated learning with personalised guide & explanations.

* Bonus Learning Resources *

  • E Math : Sec 1 to 4 topical review worksheets with full solutions
  • A Math : Sec 3 & 4 topical review worksheets with full solutions

To make the most out of the Kainetik Learning experience, here’s a simple weekly plan we suggest for your child:

  1. Review the Schedule:
    First, take a glance at the weekly live lesson schedule available on our course site. Here, you’ll also find the practice materials aligned with each lesson.
  2. Prep with Concept Videos:
    Before the live session, we recommend your child watch the relevant concept videos. These are designed to introduce the week’s topics in an engaging and understandable way.
  3. Tackle the Worksheet:
    After watching the videos, it’s time to apply what they’ve learned by attempting the worksheet tailored to that week’s lesson. This hands-on practice is crucial for reinforcing new concepts.
  4. Check Work Against Solutions:
    We provide detailed solutions for each worksheet on the course site. Reviewing these will help your child see where they’ve excelled and where they might need a little more focus.
  5. Engage in Live Lessons:
    With this preparation, your child will be fully ready to dive into the live lessons. They’ll be able to focus more on the areas they found challenging, making their learning experience even more personalized.
  6. Ask Questions Anytime:
    If there are still any doubts or questions, your child is encouraged to use the personalized Q&A support. Our coaches are always ready to assist with thorough explanations.
  7. Flexibility in Learning:
    We understand that every child’s learning journey is unique. If there are pressing topics or areas your child needs to focus on urgently, they’re welcome to adjust their schedule accordingly. Our resources are designed to support your child’s learning needs, whatever they may be.

This structured yet flexible approach ensures that every week, your child is making consistent progress, understanding concepts more deeply, and building confidence in their abilities. At Kainetik, we’re committed to providing a learning journey that is both comprehensive and adaptable to each child’s individual needs.

The course covers the entire O-level E Math syllabus.

Sec 1 Math

  • Factors and Multiples
  • Real Numbers
  • Approximation and Estimation
  • Basic Algebra
  • Linear Equations
  • Linear Graphs
  • Number Patterns
  • Percentages
  • Ratio, Rate and Speed
  • Basic Geometry
  • Polygons
  • Plane Figures
  • Volume and Surface Area of Solids
  • Statistical Data Handling

Sec 2 Math

  • Simultaneous Linear Equations
  • Linear Inequalities
  • Quadratic Expansion and Factorisation
  • Algebraic Identities
  • Quadratic Equations and Graphs
  • Algebraic Fractions and Formulae
  • Direct and Inverse Proportions
  • Congruence and Similarity
  • Pythagoras’ Theorem
  • Trigonometric Ratios
  • Pyramids, Cones and Spheres
  • Probability of Single events
  • Averages of Statistical Data
  • Statistical Diagrams

Sec 3 E Math

  • Quadratic and Fractional Equations
  • Simultaneous Linear Inequalities
  • Indices and Standard Form
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Graphs of Power and Exponential Functions
  • Congruence and Similarity Tests
  • Bisectors and Scale Drawing
  • Similar Figures and Solids
  • Trigonometry in Acute and Obtuse Triangles
  • Applications of Trigonometry
  • Sectors and Segments of Circles
  • Geometrical Properties of Circle

Sec 4 E Math

  • Sets
  • Probability of Combined Events
  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • Matrices
  • Vectors

The course covers the entire O-level A Math syllabus.

Sec 3 A Math

  • Surds
  • Quadratic Functions and Graphs
  • Quadratic Equations and Inequalities
  • Polynomials and Cubic Equations
  • Partial Fractions
  • Binomial Theorem
  • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  • Linear Law
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Equation of Circle
  • Trigonometric Functions and Graphs
  • Trigonometric Equations and Identities

Sec 4 A Math

  • Differentiation
  • Tangents, Normals and Rates of Change
  • Maxima and Minima
  • Differentiation of Trigonometric, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  • Integration
  • Applications of Integration
  • Kinematics
  • Proofs in Plane Geometry

You will see the full suggested weekly schedule in the course.

You can also complete the worksheets in the sequence that best suits your child’s learning needs.

Marking service is not included in any of the programmes, so there is no need to submit any completed worksheets.

Your child is to check their completed worksheets using the answers and step-by-step solutions provided in the online course.

This self-marking process is actually beneficial to your child in many ways, such as

  • Greater self-awareness:
    Self-marking helps your child to become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses, which can help them to improve their performance.
  • Increased motivation:
    Self-marking can be motivating for your child as it allows them to see the progress they are making and feel a sense of accomplishment.
  • Greater attention to detail:
    Self-marking encourages your child to pay closer attention to the details of the problems they are solving, which can help them to improve their accuracy and precision.
  • Increased autonomy:
    By marking their own homework, your child is able to take more ownership of their learning and become more independent in their studies.

In fact, some parents had switched over from other online courses with automated marking because they realised that their children could learn so much better with the self-marking process.

No, all the Sec 4 E & A Math worksheets are only available in downloadable PDFs for self-printing, so there will be no delivery for them.

The on-screen text solutions to all worksheets, including the bonus ones, are fully explained step-by-step, unless the answers are very straightforward and obvious.

Video solutions are also provided for selected problems that most students don’t find straightforward.

If your child needs further clarifications or alternative solutions, he/she may do so under the Q&A support.

All solutions can only be viewed on-screen, so they cannot be downloaded.

The Personalised Q&A Support is built right inside the online course site. It is mobile-friendly, so you can simply use your mobile device to snap a photo of the question (and your attempt) that you want to seek help for, and post it.

The questions posted inside the course site will have our top priority to have them answered, so you need not post in the free Facebook groups.

Please understand that our WhatsApp number is only for general enquiries and technical support, but not for answering questions related to academic practice.

Your child can start posting questions under Q&A support right after your successful sign up.

Yes, your child may seek help on questions within the syllabus from any source, including homework from school, or even other tuition.

Our goal is to help your child master the subject, so it does not matter where the questions come from.

Each question may be answer within 5 minutes to 24 hours.

There are many factors that may affect the response time, but for the last few years, the average response time has been less than 6 hours.

Questions posted will be answered by the full-time expert math coaches of Team Kainetik.

In particular, our Principal Coach Kai Meng is a pure math graduate from NUS, and he is very particular about the quality of the guide and solutions provided for math.

Hence, you can rest assured that your child will get the best personalised support and learn the best ways to solve problems and improve thinking skills.

You may check out our 5-star recommendations to discover how many parents love our industry-leading Q&A support here:

An email notification with a direct link to the response will be sent for each response to a question.

You may consider setting the email notifications to “Immediate” under the course preferences setting.

For the collective benefit of peer learning and sharing, all questions and responses will be visible to every student in the course.

Parents and students love this feature because they can then learn more from the large variety of questions posted.

We would also like our students to realise that learning as a community is more effective and enjoyable than learning in isolation.

Interactive Live Online Lessons

* Interactive Live Online Lessons *

  • Develop an effective routine with regular attendance & participation.
  • Clarify your doubts in real-time without any distractions from others.
  • E Math lessons by Coach Grace & A Math lessons by Coach Hwee Sin.

* Recordings of Live Online Lessons *

  • Catch up on the lessons that you missed at your convenient time.
  • Get the best learning from viewing the recordings at your own pace.
  • Reinforce memory for better recall over time with multiple reviews.

* S4 E Math Weekly Lessons *

  • Saturdays : 10 AM to 11.15 AM
  • 15 lessons : 29 Jun to 05 Oct
  • By Coach Grace

* S4 A Math Weekly Lessons *

  • Tuesdays : 8 PM to 9.15 PM
  • 15 lessons : 02 Jul to 08 Oct
  • By Coach Hwee Sin

For both E & A Math, we will go through the 5 sets of Paper 1 and Paper 2 (10 papers per subject in total) during the final 15 live lessons.

The 15 lessons will be divided in 5 groups of 3 consecutive weekly lessons.

Each group of 3 consecutive weekly lessons will be used to cover the more important questions of each set of Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Due to time constraints and the requirements of each exam papers, the more straightforward questions will not be discussed during the live lessons.

Please note that all the step-by-step text solutions will be provided on the course site.

If your child has doubts that are unable to be clarified during the live lessons, they can always post them under the Personalised Q&A support section.

There is only 1 schedule for the course.

If your child is not available during the lesson time, they may watch the recordings at their own time.

While watching or after watching the recordings, your child may make use of the Personalised Q&A support to clarify any doubts.

Actually, unknown to most parents, students usually only ask for repetition of explanation during lessons (both online and in-person), which can be easily done by replaying any part of the recording.

It is not uncommon that students are not able to understand all explanations completely by listening to them only once.

Yes, it is not a problem at all, as your child may simply watch the recording at their own time.

There is no attendance-taking for the lessons.

If your child is not able to attend some lessons, they may watch the recordings at their own time.

While watching or after watching the recordings, your child may make use of the Personalised Q&A support to clarify any doubts.

The lessons are not conducted using Zoom.

Your child is to attend the lessons using any web browser, preferably Chrome browser, and on a large-screen device.

Your child can use the private Q&A text box to respond to the coach’s guiding questions or ask the coach any questions.

Your child’s text messages can only be seen by the coach but not by other students.

There is no need for your child to turn on any camera or microphone.

The number of students does not affect your child’s learning experience since students are not able to see one another, or other messages, so your child will not be distracted by other students in the lessons.

Yes, if you sign up for the full course, your child will have access to all the earlier recordings of the year too.

The recording of each live lesson will be released within 24 hours of its completion.

All recordings can be accessed from the time of release to the end of the course.

While any modern day computing device with a reliable internet access can be used to attend the live lessons, we strongly recommend you to use a device with a large-screen device and a dedicated keyboard that your child can type conveniently on.

Attending on mobile phones is possible, but some of the texts on-screen may appear too small at times, and it may not be as convenient to type your responses or questions.

Your child may enter the virtual classroom at any time when the lesson is live.

However, we highly recommend your child to get ready with a large-screen device about 10 minutes before the start time, just in case of some unexpected technical issue.

Trusted by thousands of parents since 2019

Absolutely not! At Kainetik Learning Centre, we welcome students of all skill levels and abilities with open arms.

  1. Variety of Learning Materials:
    We’ve carefully crafted our worksheets and exam papers to cater to a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from foundational concepts to more advanced challenges. This ensures that every learner finds something at just the right level for them.

  2. Step-by-Step Explanations:
    Clarity is key in learning, which is why our solutions are broken down into easy-to-understand steps. This approach helps students grasp complex concepts at their own pace.

  3. Flexible Video Playback:
    Learning doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all speed, so we’ve made it possible for students to control how they watch our instructional videos. Whether they need to rewatch a tricky part, skip ahead, or adjust the playback speed, it’s all about what works best for them.

  4. Personalised Support When Needed:
    Every child has unique questions and challenges, and our dedicated coaches are here to provide tailor-made support. Through our course site’s Q&A feature, your child can receive personalized guidance to enhance their understanding and problem-solving skills.

  5. Structured Yet Flexible Live Lessons:
    Our weekly live online lessons are designed to establish a consistent learning routine, yet remain highly interactive and personal. Students can engage directly with our coaches in a distraction-free environment, thanks to our private text box feature in the virtual classroom.

In short, our goal is to create a supportive, engaging, and adaptive learning environment that meets your child where they are and helps them grow from there. We believe every student has the potential to excel, and at Kainetik, we’re committed to making that journey as rewarding and effective as possible.

To ensure your child gets the most out of Kainetik Learning Centre’s programmes, identifying with at least one of the following learning behaviours is key. Moreover, our programmes are also perfectly structured for parents who are actively involved in their child’s learning journey at home:

  1. Independent Learner:
    If your child is capable of working through most of the course content independently, they will find our program highly beneficial. Our materials are designed to encourage autonomy, fostering self-discipline and confidence in their learning process.

  2. Emerging Independent Learner:
    If your child is on the path to becoming an independent learner, our structured yet flexible resources provide the perfect environment to nurture this transition, encouraging gradual autonomy in their learning process.

  3. Moderately Supervised Learner:
    Should your child need a nudge now and then to stay on task or tackle complex topics, our resources can complement your involvement, making learning a collaborative effort that yields positive outcomes.

  4. Closely Supervised Learner:
    For learners who excel with constant guidance, our program supports full parental involvement. This close supervision ensures that your child remains engaged and progresses steadily through the course material.

  5. Proactive Questioner:
    A child who actively seeks answers and clarifications will thrive with our personalized Q&A support. This trait, coupled with a parent’s encouragement to ask questions, can dramatically enhance their learning experience.

  6. Seeker of Improvement:
    If your child has tried various tuition methods without significant progress, our program offers a fresh perspective with a blend of self-paced learning, personalized support, and engaging materials, designed to ignite a renewed enthusiasm for learning and discovery.

Additionally, for parents coaching their children at home, our programmes offer an invaluable resource. Whether you’re supplementing your child’s education, homeschooling, or simply seeking to reinforce classroom learning, our comprehensive materials, step-by-step solutions, and personalized support create an ideal environment for both child and parent educators. By engaging with our programmes, you’re not just supporting your child’s education—you’re actively participating in it, equipped with the tools to guide them effectively.

At Kainetik Learning Centre, we value the diverse learning paths of our students and the crucial role parents play in their educational journey. Our goal is to empower both students and parents with quality education, support, and flexibility.

We understand you might be keen on a free trial. While we don’t offer a direct trial for the course, here’s a friendly alternative:

If you opt for our installment plan and feel it might not be the right fit for your child, just let us know before the second payment is due. We’ll ensure you’re not billed for the remaining fees. Easy as that!

Remember, evaluating the course’s fit based on just a short trial might not paint the full picture. Our program is a complete journey – from engaging videos, deliberate practice, solution check-ins, to interactive live lessons, and our ever-helpful Q&A support. Give your child the chance to immerse in the full experience!

There will be no refund for all payments that have been charged to your credit card.

However, if you opt for our installment plan and feel it might not be the right fit for your child, just let us know before the second payment is due. We will then terminate your child’s access to the course and you will not be billed for the remaining fees. (This is not possible if you have signed up with a discount code.)

The last day of access to all learning resources will be 31 Oct 2024.

There is absolutely no need for your child’s photo or video to be shown at any part of the course.

It is not necessary to upload a profile photo for the course account. If one is uploaded, it must be one that is acceptable by our societal norms. Any offensive image used as a profile photo will be removed without warning.

As for your child’s name, you are free to use any name, as long as it is one that is acceptable by our societal norms. Any offensive names/words will be amended without warning.

For technical support, please send us a message via WhatsApp at 87955534 (https://wa.me/6587955534).

Our co-founders, Coach Kai Meng and Coach Junhong, will attend to your issue as soon as practical.

By enrolling in our course, you acknowledge the dedication and effort we’ve put into creating our learning resources.

We kindly ask that all materials provided – be it on the course site, downloaded PDFs, or printed worksheets – be solely used for your own child(ren)’s learning journey. These materials have been specially crafted for each enrolled student, and we trust in your respect for our work by not distributing them beyond your family.

Should this trust be compromised, we may need to take necessary steps to protect our content and intellectual property.

Thank you for understanding and for supporting our commitment to high-quality education!