PSLE Math Paper 1 Accelerator

For P6 students taking PSLE 2024

Boost your child’s ability to score FULL MARKS for PSLE Math Paper 1 with our PSLE Math Paper 1 Accelerator!

Eliminate your worries about your child’s exam time management, careless mistakes, and less-than-ideal confidence in PSLE math!

Why You Should Sign Up

Enable your child to gain these benefits :

  • Improved time management :
    Your child can become more efficient at solving math problems under time constraints, and be able to complete math Paper 1 on time without feeling rushed or stressed. 
  • Increased accuracy :
    The consistent practice from the quizzes can help your child develop greater precision in her work, significantly reducing the occurrence of careless mistakes. 
  • Enhanced confidence :
    As your child’s skills improved over the course, her confidence in her math abilities will grow. This positive mindset will carry over to her performance in both Paper 1 and Paper 2. 
  • Strengthened problem-solving skills :
    The variety of question types in the quizzes, and the special tips and tricks given in the solutions will hone your child’s problem-solving abilities, enabling her to tackle a wide range of math problems with ease. 
  • Comprehensive understanding of topics :
    The quizzes, along with the provided text and video solutions, will give your child a well-rounded understanding of the math concepts covered in the course, closing knowledge gaps and ensuring their readiness for exams.

Here’s why some parents love our quizzes :

  • “My child had enjoyed the Kainetik quizzes as she claimed to have learnt other better methods not taught in school. Kainetik quizzes had also built up her confidence as she is now more confident in solving problem sums.” — Li Heng 
  • “My kid gets to practise a weekly quiz to gauge her understanding on booklet A or B. This has enabled her to have a good understanding on where she needs to focus on and closed the gap.” — Karyn Mok 
  • “The live online quizzes were good as it gave her the opportunity to work out the answers under a limited time coupled with clear explanation on the answers by Coach Kai Meng.” — Celeste Tan 
  • “He truly enjoyed the live quiz session and found the explanations given by the coach very extremely precise and helpful.” — Sandra Sandhiya 
  • “My child enjoyed the weekly live quiz very much which improved her speed & accuracy in Paper 1 and boosted her confidence & motivation to do better in Paper 2.” — JN Ang
  • “The weekly online quiz was fun and helped my son gain greater confidence …and the video solutions were presented very clearly and easy to follow.”  — Magdalene Morris

This course has been designed by incorporating the contents from our previous live quizzes. By doing so, your child can benefit from the same expertly crafted materials and experiences that have helped countless other students excel in math. 

Now, with the flexibility of a self-paced format, your child can learn and practise at her own pace, making this course a more effective and affordable tool for her academic success!

What Your Child Will Get In The Course

  • 25 sets of P6 Math quizzes in downloadable PDF only
    • Each set consists of 5 MCQs and 5 short open-ended questions
    • Questions are based on the 2-mark questions found in Paper 1 (the ones that have the greatest impact on your child’s score)
  • Step-by-step solutions in text and video for all 250 questions
    • Unlimited access until 27 Sep 2024 (day of PSLE Math paper)

All contents were expertly crafted and presented by Coach Kai Meng, Founder of Kainetik Math & creator of the MAX Method for PSLE math.

How Your Child Can Get The Most Learning From This Course

  • Schedule to do 1 quiz regularly (every week, every day, or every Nth day, depending on what works the best for your child)
  • For each quiz, set aside an uninterrupted period of 25 minutes to complete it, including the self-checking of the answers
  • After all questions are completed, log in to the course site to check your child’s answers and working against the step-by-step solutions in text and video
  • Take note of the mistakes for review at a later time
  • Learn the special tips and tricks shared in the video solutions that will help your child to ace Paper 1
  • Keep track of the time taken to complete each quiz and the marks attained, so that you can monitor your child’s progress

PSLE Math Paper 1 Accelerator

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Frequently-Asked Questions

You can download the question PDF and print out for your child to attempt the questions on paper.

The viewing of all text and video solutions can done on the online course site only.

The contents are primarily designed for P6 students.

If your child has already learnt the necessary P6 concepts in advance, then you may consider it.

However, please note that we do not recommend it for other levels.

The welcome email that contains your access link to the course will be sent within 5 minutes of your successful sign up.

We are sorry but there will not be any delivery of the printed questions.

Yes, your child may ask for further clarifications on the provided resources within the course site.

No, we are sorry but Q&A support for questions from external sources will NOT be available under this special offer.

For Q&A support on problems from any source, please sign up for The Ultimate PSLE Maths Online Revision.

We are sorry but there is no trial for the course.

We are sorry but there will be no refund for this course once the payment has been completed.