PSLE Science Final Boost 2024

A partnership between
Summit Education Hub &
Kainetik Learning Centre

* All of PSLE Science syllabus *
* Focus mainly on open-ended questions *
* More than 10 h of on-demand videos *
* 7 Worksheets + Clear Explanations *
* Top-notch Personalised Q&A Support *
* Access until 1 Oct 2024 *

Hi Parents! I’m Teacher Kelle – a proud mom of two and a dedicated tutor to hundreds of students.

Before launching my own center, Summit Education Hub, I gained valuable experience at JustEdu and TLL. I have been tutoring students from a variety of schools since 2003, and I’ve certainly mastered the PSLE Science syllabus, particularly when it comes to tackling those challenging open-ended questions.

With the PSLE just around the corner, every moment is precious. If your child is having trouble connecting Science concepts to real-life situations or identifying key terms for open-ended questions, don’t worry – I’m here to help!

Let’s work together to make sure your child is fully prepared and confident to excel in their PSLE Science exam!

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PSLE Science Final Boost 2024

This specially designed on-demand programme aims to help your child ace their PSLE Science exam. Here’s what we offer:

Full coverage of the PSLE syllabus

  1. Primary 3 : Diversity, Systems, Cycles, Interactions
  2. Primary 4 : Energy, Cycles
  3. Primary 5 : Cycles
  4. Primary 5 : Systems
  5. Primary 6 : Energy
  6. Primary 6 : Forces
  7. Primary 6 : Interactions within the Environment

On-demand Videos on How to Score in PSLE

  • 1 video for each of the 7 topics above
  • Topical summary of important key concepts
  • Common questions with detailed explanations
  • Critical exam techniques and answering skills
  • Bonus video on “How to make the best use of the final month”
  • More than 10 hours of videos in total (videos not downloadable)

Complementary worksheets

  • 1 worksheet to practice alongside each of the 7 topical videos
  • Additional questions (not in video) for exposure to different question types
  • 79 questions in total
  • Downloadable in PDF for self-printing
  • Answers for easy self-checking (answers not downloadable)

Q&A Support

  • Until 29 Sep 2024 (to discourage last minute cramming)
  • Higher plan: Get additional support for questions from external materials (homework from school, assessment books, or even other tuition)

Access Period

  • From sign up until 1 Oct 2024 (the day of the PSLE Science exam)

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A sneak peek of the videos

(Sign up buttons are at the end of this page.)

Please read the FAQs.

Videos & Worksheets

Yes, all the videos, worksheets and answers are accessible right after your successful payment and automated enrolment to the course site.

Marking service is not included in this programme, so there is no need to submit any completed worksheets.

Your child is to check their completed worksheets using the videos and answers provided in the online course.

This self-marking process is actually beneficial to your child in many ways, such as

  • Greater self-awareness:
    Self-marking helps your child to become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses, which can help them to improve their performance.
  • Increased motivation:
    Self-marking can be motivating for your child as it allows them to see the progress they are making and feel a sense of accomplishment.
  • Greater attention to detail:
    Self-marking encourages your child to pay closer attention to the details of the problems they are answering, which can help them to improve their accuracy and precision.
  • Increased autonomy:
    By marking their own homework, your child is able to take more ownership of their learning and become more independent in their studies.

In fact, some parents had switched over from other online courses with automated marking because they realised that their children could learn so much better with the self-marking process.

We’re sorry but the proprietary videos and answers are not available for download for intellectual property reasons. 

Q&A Support

Yes, if you choose the higher plan, then your child may seek help on questions within the syllabus from any external materials, including homework from school, assessment books, or even other tuition.

The Personalised Q&A Support is built right inside the online course site. It is mobile-friendly, so you can simply use your mobile device to snap a photo of the question (and your attempt) that you want to seek help for, and post it. Please see the screenshot below.

The questions posted inside the course site will have our top priority to have them answered, so you need not post in the free Facebook groups.

Please understand that our WhatsApp number is only for general enquiries and technical support, but not for answering questions related to academic practice.

Your child can start posting questions under Q&A support right after your successful sign up.

For the materials given by Teacher Kelle, each question may be answer within 5 minutes to 24 hours.

For questions from other sources, it will be on a best-effort basis.

An email notification with a direct link to the response will be sent for each response to a question.

For the collective benefit of peer learning and sharing, all questions and responses will be visible to every student in the course.

Parents and students love this feature because they can then learn more from the large variety of questions posted.

We would also like our students to realise that learning as a community is more effective and enjoyable than learning in isolation.

To encourage all students to avoid last minute cramming, the last day of Q&A support will be on 29 Sep 2024 (Sun), 2 days before the PSLE Science paper.

However, the contents under the Q&A section will remain to be viewable until the last day of the course, which is 1 Oct 2024.


We are sorry that there is no free trial of the course.

There will be no refund for all payments that have been charged to your credit card.

The last day of access to the course is 01 Oct 2024.

There is absolutely no need for your child’s photo or video to be shown at any part of the course.

It is not necessary to upload a profile photo for the course account. If one is uploaded, it must be one that is acceptable by our societal norms. Any offensive image used as a profile photo will be removed without warning.

As for your child’s name, you are free to use any name, as long as it is one that is acceptable by our societal norms. Any offensive names/words will be amended without warning.

For technical support, please send us a message via WhatsApp at 87955534 (

Co-founders of Kainetik Learning Centre, Coach Kai Meng and Coach Junhong, will attend to your issue as soon as practical.

By enrolling in our course, you acknowledge the dedication and effort we’ve put into creating our learning resources.

We kindly ask that all materials provided – be it on the course site, downloaded PDFs, or printed worksheets – be solely used for your own child(ren)’s learning journey. These materials have been specially crafted for each enrolled student, and we trust in your respect for our work by not distributing them beyond your family.

Should this trust be compromised, we may need to take necessary steps to protect our content and intellectual property.

Thank you for understanding and for supporting our commitment to high-quality education!

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(1-time fee)

* Access from sign up until 1 Oct 2024
* More than 10 h of on-demand videos
* 7 PDF Worksheets + Answers
* Q&A support for course materials only


(1-time fee)

* Access from sign up until 1 Oct 2024
* More than 10 h of on-demand videos
* 7 PDF Worksheets + Answers
*** Q&A support for course & external materials

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