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How Your Child Can Be

100% Ready in 100 Days

For the remaining time from NOW until the PSLE written papers at the end of Sep 2022, time will be in short supply for your Primary 6 child, so the allocated time for  her math revision must be spent very wisely.

Practice alone does not “make perfect”. What your child needs for the remaining time is the right practice and the right feedback!

Every PSLE math paper may look different from the past ones, but the fact remains that the type of questions that can be set are quite limited and many questions are structurally the same as some of those in the past.

We have thus created look-alike of the past 10 years of PSLE math papers so that your child may have the right practice in her final 100 days of revision. These papers will be printed and delivered to your mailbox within 7 to 14 days.

We have make it convenient for your child to follow the suggested schedule to complete all the papers, so that you need not spend extra effort to do the planning. Reminder emails will be sent out so that your child can stay on track.

After completing each set of papers, the first round of right feedback will be the step-by-step solutions that your child can check her work against, which will be made available in the online course site progressively throughout the 100 days.

If your child still needs any further assistance such as alternative methods to solve any of the problems, then she can post her questions under the Q&A support within the same online course site. This serves as the second round of right feedback where our expert math coaches will provide her with the best advice to master the concepts and skills in question. You may also ask for any further advice on exams preparations.

Our team of expert math coaches include top NUS math graduate Coach Kai Meng, and top Facebook groups contributor Coach Eric Liau.

In fact, under the Q&A support, she can post her questions from any source at any time of the day, including those from her school work or her own further practice. We predict she will benefit greatly from the Q&A support because it is likely that her school teacher may not have the time to help her clarify all her doubts.

By the school holidays in September 2022, the Paper 2 problems from the 10 sets of PSLE look-alike will also be categorized topically. Together with a comprehensive set of PSLE Maths Revision Notes that will also be published within the online course site, your child will be able to have her final round of confidence boost!

We understand that you may wish to have more practice for your child, so we have added 5 sets of bonus practice exam papers, and 8 bonus topical practice.

You will also be getting our very first PSLE 2019 to 2021 Mathematics Paper 2 Expert Solution Guide that help your child to get the most out of her attempt of these 3 actual PSLE math papers in school, or at home.

Finally, you can still make requests for more resources if you like to!

Regardless of how your child is doing for math now, as long as she is determined to improve in her thinking and problem-solving skills through consistent daily effort from now until PSLE 2022, we will do our utmost best to support her in the final 100 days towards PSLE math.

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This revision is not for those who wish for miracles to get good PSLE results just by attending a 3/4-day long PSLE maths workshop. Studies have shown that last-minute cramming does not deliver good results for examinations.

The typical 3/4-day long PSLE maths intensive workshop costs in the range of $300 to $500, which works out to a rate of $30 to $50 per hour.

For most parts of such a workshop, your child will likely just end up listening passively to the tutor(s) with very limited time for Q&A. It is unlikely that there will be any support after the workshop too.

From the above listed features of this online revision, you can see that it will address the shortfalls of the typical intensive workshops, and offer tens of times more learning value for your child.

If your child puts in the effort to revise consistently, she will easily get more than 50 hours of learning from this revision, and this will certainly increase the likelihood of her improving in math significantly!

If we just use the estimated average rate of $40 per hour for an intensive workshop to calculate the equivalent value of this online revision, it would easily be more than 50 × $40 = $2000!

Worry not, we are surely not going to charge you at this price, especially not when inflation is creeping higher weekly!

The full price of this online revision will just be a one-time fee of $388!

Current KLC students and subscribers of The Ultimate PSLE Maths Online Revision 2022 NEED NOT sign up for this revision as you are already enjoying all the learning benefits described above.


Summary of what you will get in this
PSLE Maths Revision
100-day Online Booster
for a one-time fee of $388 :

To be printed and delivered to your mailbox within 7 to 14 days :
** 10 years of PSLE math look-alike papers

In the online course
until 30 Sep 2022 :
** Step-by-step solutions of the papers
** 24/7 Q&A support
** PSLE maths revision notes
** Bonus practice
** PSLE 2019 to 2021 Mathematics Paper 2 Expert Solution Guide
** Resource request


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