The Ultimate PSLE Maths Online Revision

2022 : Bigger! Better!

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16 Weeks of Live Online Timed Quizzes on Paper 1 and Self-Practice on Paper 2.

24/7 Q&A Support by 4 Top-Notch Math Coaches of Kainetik Learning Centre.

Must-Know PSLE Maths Revision Notes and Videos for Unlimited Reviews.

You and your P6 child will get the following learning features:

For 16 weeks (31 May – 19 Sep), one set of Paper 2 will be released every Tuesday. After printing and attempting each paper at her own pace, your child may check her work against the answer keys, and watch the video solutions if she requires the detailed explanations.

For 16 weeks (31 May – 19 Sep), every Monday 7.30 p.m. to 9 p.m., a live online timed quiz will be conducted on the same platform with solutions explained, and it will be recorded for replay. 15 Booklet A questions on odd-numbered weeks, and 15 Booklet B questions on even-numbered weeks. 

Your child’s revision will be supported by the 4 primary math coaches of Kainetik Learning Centre: Kai, Eric, Grace and Junhong. With a combined teaching experience of 56 years, they are among the best maths tutors of all tuition centres in Singapore, who can explain any question clearly to your child.

Post any PSLE maths questions from any source that your child need help with at any time of the day, and they will be answered as soon as possible. They may include questions from school or other maths tuition, as long as your child has attempted.

Every week, there will be uploads of must-know problem-solving techniques, organized by topics. These will be in the form of texts, images or videos. Your child will be able to master all the important PSLE maths concepts by September.

Due to copyrights issues, the 8 examination papers from PSLE 2012-2019 will be cloned for the weekly quizzes and Paper 2 practice. The Paper 2 questions will be separately classified by topics and skills for final revision.

Regardless of how your Primary 6 child is doing for math now, as long as she is determined to improve in her thinking and problem-solving skills through consistent daily effort from now until PSLE 2021, we will do our utmost best to support her, especially when her school teacher runs out of time to go through every one of her doubts.

This entire revision programme will be delivered online within a single secured platform (Flowlu), where your child will be able to do the majority of her revision at her own pace and at the comfort of your own home.

This revision is not for those who wish for miracles to get good PSLE results just by attending a 3/4-day long PSLE maths workshop. Studies have shown that last-minute cramming does not deliver good results for examinations.

Current KLC students and subscribers of our Ultimate PSLE Math Mentorship 2021 need not apply for this.

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The typical 3/4-day long PSLE maths intensive workshop costs in the range of $300 to $500, which works out to a rate of $30 to $50 per hour.

For most parts of such a workshop, your child will likely just end up listening passively to the tutor(s) with very limited time for Q&A. It is unlikely that there will be any support after the workshop too.

From the above listed features of The Ultimate PSLE Maths Online Revision, you can see that it will address the shortfalls of the typical intensive workshops, and offer tens of times more learning value for your child.

If your child follows the recommended revision plan consistently, she will get about 4 hours of learning time every week, and this will certainly increase the likelihood of her improving in math significantly!

If we just use the estimated average rate of $40 per hour for an intensive workshop to calculate the equivalent value of this online revision, it would be 16 × 4 × $40 = $2560! Worry not, we are surely not going to charge you at this price!

The full price of this online revision will just be $499, which is at more than 80% discount from its full value!

All contents will be accessible until 1 Oct 2021.

One-Time Fee : $499

Within 5 minutes of your completed payment, you will receive an email with your receipt.
Within the next 1 to 8 hours, you will receive another email with your login details to the learning platform (Flowlu).
All completed payments are final.
There will be no refund.